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A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome.


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**BRASIL BITCOIN** Notícias, perguntas, descubra, denuncie. Tudo sobre **Bitcoin** aqui e no mundo. Bitcoin é a moeda da Internet: um dinheiro descentralizado e com alcance mundial. Diferente das moedas tradicionais como o dólar, os bitcoins são emitidos e gerenciados sem qualquer autoridade central que seja: não existe governo, empresa ou banco no comando do Bitcoin. Dessa forma ele é mais resistente a inflações selvagens e bancos corruptos. Com o Bitcoin, você pode ser seu próprio banco.

Child porn producer and Bitcoin Foundation board member Brock Pierce claims he owns all of Mt Gox. Just when you thought your Gox coins were on the way...

Child porn producer and Bitcoin Foundation board member Brock Pierce claims he owns all of Mt Gox. Just when you thought your Gox coins were on the way... submitted by 18_points to Buttcoin [link] [comments]

I've just been forcibly removed from the Bitcoin Foundation board

I would like to thank everyone for their support, especially those who voted for me. I ran on a platform to bring transparency. I think I kept my promise. During my tenure, board minutes and financials have been consistently released. I know I was a thorn in the eye of the Foundation since the beginning, and they waited for the right time to remove me. The truth is that the Foundation is pretty much dead. They will try to keep it going just for the name and ego, but they have no support left with the community. Their reputation is permanently destroyed, which became clear over the last year. From this point forward, I will also no longer be able to keep you informed on any of their actions.
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Hi Reddit R/Bitcoin -- I'm Bruce Fenton -- running for election to the Bitcoin Foundation board seat. Any election questions - AMA.

Since this election is in the individual category it is community driven, I wanted to give fellow Redditors the chance for any questions on the election.
Ask away!
Background: I'm a 22 year veteran financial professional and founder of an investment firm. I focus on emerging tech and emerging markets and travel quite a bit. I was an early web pioneer and see similarities to this tech. I've done about $5 billion in investments over the years and worked with some large clients.
I became active in Bitcoin in 2013 and work as an advisor and investor in the space. I am the organizer of Dubai Bitcoin Conference and have a couple other events coming up - the Satoshi Roundtable private retreat and the New England Bitcoin Conference which will be announced soon. I also am president and one of the founders of the Bitcoin Association, a decentralized group. I'm a member of the Global Bitcoin Alliance. I am a lifetime member of the Bitcoin Foundation.
I am an outspoken critic of excessive regulation and I have spoken at about 15 Bitcoin events this year.
I think the Bitcoin Foundation has some areas in need of improvement. It is unfortunate that some people have become upset with or left the foundation and this shows that there are areas which could be improved. Some of the challenges have been due to standard growing pains we should expect in an emerging space, some criticism is unwarranted, some is valid that we can learn from.
Overall I think that there is an important place in the ecosystem for the Bitcoin Foundation and that the organization can do more help to the space than if it didnt exist.
I'm running because I believe in the space and believe the Foundation can help the space and I'd like to help the Foundation be as good of an organization as it can be.
If you are interested in voting you need to be an individual member. Currently this costs $25 per year.
Edit: I should include my Facebook, which has about 85,000 people on it its
Also you can check out (under construction) or which both have lots of Bitcoin videos -- if you want my thoughts on regulation and Bitcoin watch some of the speeches from the last six months
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Cody Wilson nominates himself for a Bitcoin Foundation board seat, seeks complete dissolution of the organization

Cody Wilson nominates himself for a Bitcoin Foundation board seat, seeks complete dissolution of the organization submitted by bitstein to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Bobby Lee, Brock Pierce Join Bitcoin Foundation's Board of Directors

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Cody Wilson to run for Bitcoin Foundation board, with sole purpose of destroying it

Cody Wilson to run for Bitcoin Foundation board, with sole purpose of destroying it submitted by chaser__ to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Bobby Lee's Statement on today's Bitcoin Foundation Board Meeting

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So what happened to throwing Mark Karpeles out of Bitcoin Foundation Board?

Now people are buying up cheap bitcoin at Mt. Gox and praising it again even after what JUST happened.
When will this insanity end?
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I'm Olivier Janssens running for Bitcoin Foundation Board - AMA :)

Posted by Olivier Janssens. Twitter: @olivierjanss
Hi All,
My name is Olivier Janssens, 35 years old, currently living in Monaco. I am running for a board seat because I think having the Bitcoin Foundation in control of core development is dangerous. Core development should be without any political influence. This was the main reason why I also started the $100k USD bounty which yielded Lighthouse as the winner . Lighthouse makes it possible to crowdfund bitcoin core dev through the community. Mike will release it in a couple of weeks, and I will immediately make $50,000 USD available for core dev on the platform.
What do I think the Bitcoin Foundation should be doing? Besides becoming fully transparent and broadcasting all of its board meetings live (with time for Q&A from the audience), it should also have a clear public agenda. That agenda should should always have at its core a) more decentralization b) creating positive Bitcoin awareness and c) removing any control over Bitcoin from the Bitcoin Foundation. It would consist of the following items and goals:
Some of my personal values and beliefs: I am a libertarian and voluntaryist at heart. My goal is to create a world that is decentralized and exists as a free society. In my spare time I work on projects that are related to this. I’m also an entrepreneur and investor. I put my money where my mouth is for things I believe in. For example, I donated $10k to protonmail and $12k to I was one of the first people to take a private flight paid for in Bitcoin (I got the company to start accepting Bitcoin). This created a lot of awareness in high society magazines and attracted investors. I’m also one of the victims of MtGox’s demise, and have been working behind the scenes in the last year to find the ones responsible and bring them to justice. I've spent close to 100k USD in legal costs and translations to keep the public aware and provided crucial information to the police. We are getting close to solving it.
I'm the type of guy that normally works in the background and exerts my positive influence from there. You can expect me to protect your interests and, most importantly, the interests of Bitcoin. I believe Bitcoin is the greatest invention since the internet, and have been an early adopter and miner since 2010.
Hope to get your support :)
Edit: Link to the BTF forum version
Edit2: Contact info: Twitter Email: oj at
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Bronx on Twitter: "Why does Bitcoin Foundation board member Bobby Lee openly approve of and ignore Samson Mow's toxic behavior?"

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I am Francis Pouliot, full-time Bitcoin advocate and director at the Bitcoin Embassy. I'm running for a seat of the Bitcoin Foundation board. AMA

My name is Francis Pouliot and I am a full-time Bitcoin advocate, educator, and community organizer. You may have heard of me as Director of Public Affairs at the Bitcoin Embassy, the first physical space in the world dedicated to the promotion and development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Fellow Canadians will recognize me as the Chief Executive Officer at the Bitcoin Foundation Canada, a pan-Canadian membership-based advocacy group dedicated to ensuring a favorable environment for Canada's cryptocurrency ecosystem.
While I may not be a famous Bitcoin investor or entrepreneur, I consider myself a large stakeholder in Bitcoin since cryptocurrency (mostly Bitcoin) represents around 90% of my assets and is effectively my only source of income. I’m also a Bitcoin miner, integration consultation and certified Bitcoin professional with C4 (passed at 96%).
The best decision of my life has been to re-orient my rapidly advancing and successful career as a policy analyst for free-market think tanks in order to dedicate myself full-time to being an active participant in the cryptocurrency revolution. I still remain to this day an active supporter of the libertarian movement through my involvement in various pro-liberty organizations - but I will never use the Foundation as a medium to promote my personal beliefs.
My general assessment of the current state of the Bitcoin
Foundation is that by pursuing too many goals, the Foundation has misallocated and mismanaged resources necessary to successfully fulfill the essential mandate of supporting technical development. It has not lived up to its potential and has disappointed many of its members, including myself. I truly believe in the Foundation’s mission to protect Bitcoin's technological infrastructure and that, in realizing this goal, it must remain an important part of the Bitcoin ecosystem. I also believe that the only essential mission of the Bitcoin Foundation, that should take priority over all others, should become and always remain the protection and development of Bitcoin’s technological infrastructure.
My platform
With humility, I propose myself as to represent my fellow individual members on the Bitcoin Foundation’s board of directors. I have the skills, values, energy and time necessary to accomplish this task successfully. As CEO of the BFC, I have knowledge of the inner-workings of the Foundation and know exactly what its problems are and the best way to overcome them. On behalf of its Canadian members, I have attempted to act as a watchdog, being critical of its work and suggesting reforms directly to staff members.
If I am elected, I pledge to continue this role on behalf of all individual members. I now ask for your support so that I may obtain the necessary powers to bring the Foundation to implement the following:
After having discussed with Patrick Murck, I believe that he is the most capable Executive Director that the Foundation could have at the moment. I also believe that we share the same broad vision as to where the Foundation should be heading and as your representative I will support him in his undertaking to bring the Foundation back to its roots.
Nature and role of the Bitcoin Foundation – some thoughts
(On this point I particularly oppose candidates Cody Wilson, Olivier Janseen and Colin Gallagher)
The Bitcoin Foundations, as a private organization, is a platform through which individual and corporate members can voluntarily coordinate and implement their common interests. It does not, nor should it attempt to or claim to, represent the entire Bitcoin community. Although it provides a public service, it is only accountable to its members.
That being said, there is no doubt that the (uninformed) general public’s perception of the Foundation will taint its perception of the entire Bitcoin community by proxy. In addition, the Foundation’s technical team has a large influence on the development process and its actions will have an effect on the entire Bitcoin community, whether they are members of the Foundation or not. As such, the Foundation has moral responsibilities that other private membership-based organizations do not and should act with this specificity in mind.
The Bitcoin community and ecosystem are extremely diverse. In my opinion, there is only one common interest amongst all members of our community: the continued existence and expansion of a healthy technical development process which will ensure the continued decentralization and scalability of the Bitcoin network. I believe that this is also true within the Bitcoin Foundation membership.
I think the idea that the existence of a “centralized institution” such as the Foundation is contradictory with the decentralized nature of Bitcoin is beyond ridiculous. Nor is it contradictory with the crypto-decentralization movement to which I personally identify myself with. In fact, there can be no decentralization movement if individuals and corporations do not coordinate their interests via some form of organization. While it is certainly likely that such associations and organizations will eventually take the form of Decentralized Autonomous Corporations, I do not believe the necessary technology has been developed to a degree which makes this option a logical choice for the Foundation (and probably won’t for the next couple of years).
Let’s be clear: the Bitcoin Foundation should never, under any circumstance, attempt to impose any agenda or barrier to entry whatsoever on members and non-members alike via the coercive power of government.
Also, the Bitcoin Foundation should not attempt to assert a monopoly over the technical development process. I am extremely happy to see private corporations such as Blockstream and Bitpay contribute to this process, and am even happier to see that individuals are still contributing their time on a voluntary basis. However, I think a large part of development should be undertaken by non-profit organizations in order to ensure some form of neutrality.
Final thoughts – regulation
As a libertarian, I am naturally against regulation. I do not intend to idly stand by while arbitrary decrees are imposed upon us, and, as such, I believe that stakeholders such as individuals, private corporations or local Bitcoin advocacy groups should actively engage government officials and regulators to ensure that no discriminatory regulation or legislation concerning Bitcoin occurs.
Under no circumstance should technology-specific regulation such as the BitLicenses be tolerated. Moreover, government decrees that are in effect discriminatory (such as the “double taxation” of bitcoins via sales taxes) should be fiercely opposed. Innovation does not require permission.
However, as we lobby for government not to discriminate against Bitcoin, we must also realize that Bitcoin does not and should not operate in a legal vacuum. Bitcoin business models that mimic legacy business models (such as currency exchanges) should be regulated in the same way as their fiat counterparts. For example, a Bitcoin exchange should comply to financial regulation in the same way as a fiat exchange. If we demand not to be discriminated against, we must also acknowledge that we can’t have special treatment just because we do not believe in the validity of the laws that apply to us.
I do realize that compliance requirements of the legacy fiat financial industry are often outdated and that the cryptocurrency ecosystem will come up with its own innovative solutions for KYC/AML. These solutions are to be encouraged and, ideally, they will become the standard not only for cryptocurrency businesses but for the entire financial industry.
Bitcoin is like an economic trojan horse – if we really want the cryptocurrency revolution to happen, it is crucially important that there be an economic infrastructure with exchanges, payment processors, brokers, financial products, etc. This is the key to mainstream user adoption and this will only occur if we play by the rules. Government can’t stop Bitcoin but it can certainly greatly slow down progress by enforcing its power on the individuals and corporations that compose the Bitcoin economic ecosystem, something even the most anarchic members of the community should realize.
(On this point I particularly oppose candidate Jim Harper)
It seems to me that the Foundation has an “identity crisis” because its mandate is simply too broad. It cannot be at the same time a “Linux Foundation-style” organization and a lobby group such as the Digital Chamber of Commerce or think tank such as Coin Center. Because it has given itself too many goals, each goal has been inefficiently carried out.
The Foundation’s involvement in lobbying has considerably contributed to its negative perception by the community, which means less membership and less revenue. This means that there are fewer and fewer financial resources available for technical development. I believe that retreating from active political lobbying may reverse this trend.
The main reason is strictly based on pragmatism and resource allocation. There are various groups all over the world, including in the United States, who are actively involved in the fight against discriminatory or excessive Bitcoin regulation. The void that the Bitcoin Foundation had attempted to fill when it initially got into lobbying clearly does not exist anymore. However, there are no other non-profit organization involved in supporting technical development, so that in that area there is a very real void.
Finally, policy is inherently local and jurisdictional while the Foundation aims to be a global organization. I don’t think non-US members appreciate that their contributions are being spent on lobbying in Washington while the Foundation does nothing to prevent their own governments from obstructing the progress of Bitcoin.
10 reasons you should vote for me
You can reach me at [email protected] or at 1 855 922-3622.
I'll be answering all day, at least until 6 PM EST, or however long this stays on the front page!
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Roger Ver Endorses Trace Mayer For Bitcoin Foundation Board Seat

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Elizabeth T. Ploshay (individual) and Micky Malka (industry) are the new Bitcoin Foundation board members

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INTERVIEW: Bitcoin foundation board member ELIZABETH T. PLOSHAY- nice interview with nice lady)

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Previous candidates Lingham, Perklin and Pouliot appointed to Bitcoin Foundation Board, Mission Statement Released - No changes in election Bylaws

Previous candidates Lingham, Perklin and Pouliot appointed to Bitcoin Foundation Board, Mission Statement Released - No changes in election Bylaws submitted by bruce_fenton to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Foundation: Mt. Gox Resigns Bitcoin Foundation Board Seat

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Blockheads bork Bitcoin Foundation board election

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Coindesk: Brock Pierce Elected Bitcoin Foundation Board Chairman

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Elizabeth T. Ploshay, candidate for Bitcoin Foundation Board

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Vessenes, Matonis to resign from Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors

I have learned that leadership changes are now imminent at the Bitcoin Foundation. Chairman Peter Vessenes and Executive Director Jon Matonis will be stepping down from their board seats prior to the scheduled end of their terms. Although an exact timetable for their resignations remains unclear, I believe these two seats will be filled during the already-planned special elections to replace founding board members Charlie Shrem and Mark Karpeles this April.
It does not appear that Vessenes or Matonis are accused or suspected of any improprieties related to their relationship with Mark Karpeles and Mt. Gox. Instead, they seem to have both recognized the need for the Foundation to clean house in order to revitalize its image in the coming months. If this is the case, Vessenes and Matonis should be applauded for their services to Bitcoin to date and for their humble decision to help the industry overcome the serious damage that has been done with the failure of Mt. Gox. New professional leadership is needed to rebuild confidence and focus on the future.
At this time, it remains unclear whether Matonis will also step down as the Foundation’s Executive Director, or remain committed to that role for the time being.
This marks a watershed moment for the industry. Gox is dead. BTC-e remains a black hole. Four of the Bitcoin Foundation’s seven directors have or will soon resign their positions. Merchants and consumers are (and should be) skeptical of the consumer protections and financial and technical safeguards currently in place at cloud wallet companies, currency exchanges and other Bitcoin services providers.
There are enormously talented individuals who will be vetted and nominated for the new board of directors in the weeks to come. I for one look forward to electing the next crop. After a horrific week, Bitcoin’s future is finally looking a little bit brighter.
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Patrick Murck tweets on Blockchain Voting for Bitcoin Foundation Board Election Runoff

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Hi -- I'm Colin Gallagher, running on campaign of user choice, bitcoin development, privacy & anonymity for Bitcoin Foundation Board, taking your questions. AMA.

I'm here to take any and all questions you have for me as a Candidate for Individual Director for the Bitcoin Foundation! :-)
Some of your questions might already be answered by some materials I've prepared or that are already available:
My Consider It page (note you can see the other candidates here too)
My recent press (interviewed at CCN - this answers a lot of questions people have about my points of view, history, and things I am working on)
My participation in a multi-candidate debate released on Feb. 10, 2015 by Let's Talk Bitcoin
My focus really is:
*user choice
*bitcoin development
*privacy & anonymity
As you'll see from some of my posts on the Bitcoin Foundation forum, I'm also interested in seeing a stronger advocacy role (for bitcoin and for the users) and a greater degree of decentralization (exploring how we can use the blockchain to move different types of Foundation functions away from a centralized control, such as, but not limited to, certain funding decisions which the Foundation may be accustomed to applying traditional voting methods to).
Additionally, I don't agree that caving to demands of ever more demanding regulators who continue to demand we seek permits in order to express ourselves across the blockchain is an answer to the problems we face, but rather, I feel that standing strong unflinchingly and not cowering as we encourage users to engage in creative noncompliance is a reasonable objective. That means rejecting the demands of banking coalitions such as the Conference of State Bank Supervisors and clearly standing up to reject the demands of states that are censoring the users, such as New York (see my statement Regarding New York, and What Our Answer To It Must Be) and the Russian Federation (see my statement, To help with the process of worldwide communication and the evaluation of various open source and free options for communication between Russia and the US in anticipation of CoinFest - Russian Federation), for example.
For me, it is vital that we continue to strive for a society in which it is free and open to transact for all to the best of our ability. We should constantly be taking notes of where there are opportunities for user choice to be advanced and for the bitcoin protocol to be developed and used around the world. I am open to any questions.
brief notes: I will not be available to answer questions on Feb. 12 and 13th (I'm back!); I'll continue to answer your questions through the 19th.
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Brock Pierce talks about the Bitcoin Foundation, Rand Paul, Goldman Sachs and more Bitcoin for the Poor -- Mastadon and Ploshay for Bitpay ... Elizabeth Ploshay Of The Bitcoin Foundation: How to trade BITCOIN and CRYPTO - YouTube Bitcoin Foundation's Brock Pierce responds to controversy

History. The Bitcoin Foundation was announced on September 27, 2012. According to its founding documents, the Bitcoin Foundation's original members included Gavin Andresen, Charlie Shrem, Mark Karpelès, Peter Vessenes, Roger Ver, and Patrick Murck.Current board members are divided into one of three categories: Founding Members, Industry Members, and Individual Members. Bitcoin Foundation Board Members (2012 to 2019) (Source: Bitcoin Foundation Website, BitMEX Research) Critics can point to the fact that the governance structure gave too much power to the initial founders and that new members of the organisation should have been able to join as equals to the founders. Board Elections . The first board elections took place in 2013, with Meyer Malka winning the ... The Bitcoin Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., that was founded in 2012 to change the public perception that bitcoin is associated with fraud and criminality. JP Morgan says bitcoin’s 2020 surge is set to continue as the digital cryptocurrency competes better against gold as an alternative currency. In a note, the financial institution says that with ... Read meeting minutes from The Bitcoin Foundation’s board meetings. January 2019. November 2018. October 2018. September 2018. August 2018. July 2018. June 2018. February 2018. October 2017. July 2017. June 2017. May 2017. April 2017. March 2017. February 2017. January 2017. Financials. Read The Bitcoin Foundations’ latest financial reports. Financial year 2017/2018. Bylaws. The Bitcoin ...

[index] [42825] [39510] [19913] [38106] [22833] [45971] [35495] [989] [19712] [17749]

Brock Pierce talks about the Bitcoin Foundation, Rand Paul, Goldman Sachs and more

June 12, 2014 -- Washington, D.C. -- MadBitcoins: Be yourself for a while. -- Bitcoin in the Beltway Fundraiser Update While I really should be focused on ra... Bob McMillan, Senior Writer, Wired Adam Draper, Founder, Boost Bobby Lee, CEO & Co-Founder, BTC China and Board of Directors at Bitcoin Foundation Adam White, Director of BD & Strategy, Coinbase. Brock Pierce, managing partner at Blockchain Capital and recently named chairman of the board of directors of the Bitcoin Foundation, was our guest this show. He talks about the new direction of ... Decentralization is one of the key characteristics that makes Bitcoin so attractive, but the need for governments to regulate it, the normal dynamics of market forces in the mining sector, and ... A beginner's guide to all things bitcoin