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A cool, and sad, and strange story.

Just that you can please understand me, what it's this about... I would like to know your opinion. What you think, and hopefully, your understanding and analysis of the situation. Will make probably a better scope for the consideration, I'm embarrassed and distressed, because I don't know what, or how to say to my GF, Wife..., Hey, please wake up... I don't know, Really, what you are looking or what do you think. How deep we have to live something that "Is not even merely real with certain indicators, people can observe". Everybody knows how and what they use to keep "morphing reality upon the eyes of everyone". I usually on my breaks, like to write this kind of shit, to later on. days back, I can make certain kind of retrospective, and realize "How fucked I was" or maybe "I am"...
An example, like many... tens... to be honest.
In 2015, one day, beside having a lot of comments, pressure and certain kind of things, I start thinking was a good idea, make something different, at least, start working on something that attracts, to me as a hobbie, as a business, and really a certain area, specifically that attracts my attention since a long time ago, and I'm going to briefly tell you it's background; 1. On mid 90s my dad start with some certain shots that a friend of my mom got on Switzerland, basically where stem cells from Goats. (that's the only thing I knew). So, usually my dad and his friends where customers of my mom's friend named "Mrs. Estelita", a great woman. 3. My dad did this many many years, 4. On 2005, browsing online I found the Dr. Kuhnau work, and who was keeping with that going on. 5. Grab a plane with my dad to meet this Physician, until today he is my personal friend, he gifted me books of Dr. Kuhnau, amazing life work. You can't understand his work, until you realize that he was an "Endocrinologist", upon that you start appreciating everything from the "Correct point of view".
Anyway, I start on, make some targets, beside human beigns, ladies where also dogs, cats and horses. I had several kind of background under that field with all the years and hours of listening Dr. Rosales, really years.. man..., So I design something new, beside the cellular material and certain natural parts that I inherit from Dr. Velasquez, the one that keep the research about, a table. Certain document with the correct information in all the constitution of the different types of dissected tissue of the animal, and what where the specific behavior in certain organ and physiological system, with a lot of text, and hand notes.
No bullshit. I made my own and complete investigation, until the grade of mixing the subtances for promote a hormonal coexistence within the initial delicate and super strong charge as a specific concentrated gland of a exact specie of the animal, in a certain protocol even for separate the cells in the solution, as you know cryogenic processes shorten the rate of healthy and completely alive cells, from 100% to x certain one depending on the conditions, but at least "Still very very good, and competes with all".
Those days we got the meds directly from the house of Mrs. Kuhnau, it's impossible to get that sharks, and Dr. Kuhnau in early 90s, he was sure to have stock "For many many years", so it's the same to kill all or kill none, they already "On the fridge". The cellular charge or this animal beside a Goat, is something out of comparision, the ripeness you feel even relaxing yourself, you feel like a young flexible fucker back again, it's uncomparable the smile you see to your old father.
The best part of all this is how all this story, they "Forgot it completely" suddenly my dad was "selling my work" with the father of the raper, and then this guys, using that story where making their own "Dialogues" to perform many rape and violating situations, that I'm saying because I remembered, but please, don't give more attention to this "Technical Problem", everything will be "Proffesionally and Discretely Solved" "The best I can", there's sometime when you just keep saying; hey man...
please let it go anything that may be forcing you to do this if is in the case of... please man... 2-3 times man, even that I have to task molest during my day, to go to his BAR, and say, to his waiters; "Look I came to look this guy, if he comes back, please tell him, For god sake man, leave this, its a confussion, please, just leave this by peace man..."
They didn't understood, it seemed that the most I tried to be a humane person, they where shitting on my wife, and laughing about my most noble feelings of "Being a good boy" and you know why? Because they and only they, they really know the kind of Lucifer I am.... to resume it all... and the best part of this.... was, how they even keep saying, "They where me"...when absolutely there's no comparison between "An Economical ECEX (Mx Story), a National Political Adventurer, Brave as Tiger, a Hunter and a well-known Sharpshooter, under his Hunting Community, with this fucking "Shit from Oaxaca", Money Laundry Guy, owner of "Giros Negros", BARs, Discotheques, that is full of hunger, shit and ambition as himself,", in resume, a bunch of people that if they get killed tomorrow, "Nobody is going to miss them", believe me...
Well, getting back to "What is worth to hear" to be honest...
And now That I had my own mixture and blend. no matter I knew about Dr. Velasquez's advice properly, on which way to handle on. I start researching everyday and every night. Until came the time of the website development. I had to choices, of course the initial trunk one was using a CMS... I had experience working with Drupal, but I really thought twice, and though.. mmmm well... E-Commerce and for its, easiest homogenization for building a cool community of people that may think the same. I used WooCommerce back then. Because, since you know... perfectly.... like... "Come on who, or what financial institution will give me a Credit Card Gateway, so I can charge to all this folks.... insane... I place in the shoes of the bank representative.... I think even to laugh, when get into the part of "Xenotransplants made out of certain kind of Shark..." it comes the part I hear "The laughing... as Richard Sings...", "Steve, me, Rosales, even Sheldrake at some point in our life's they laugh, so much and so hard", "They even fuck our wives and mistress, thinking that we are Dead... That Mum-Ra is not going to came with the Sword of Leono that was his property...." Just that you can imagine the "Conclusion and In resumed words".
I remember try those days, with my dad even Twice, the main flagship product that was 9 blend, improved, and one of only 3, that specifically used, the hypophysis glang. Was a complete drug man... I felt like "In advance of my significant other". And you know something. Until today this stupids thinks "They help to fuck Dr. Kuhnau, Granpa of Erin" for an example, but they never knew, That the same shit they did, we did also the sacrifice of "Lost" all the mixtures of the stock we had on the warehouse in TX. a complete, "Unique Stock" Dr. Kuhnau in my memories and mind, hopefully I hope he helped to make. Tens of hours, arranging, and reading all this scientific papers, "Something I hope to learn" the only word that I never forget, is "Pelikanniden" something more or less like that. You know why? So this folks they keep thinking. "They will fuck me, my dad, and know even my putative grandpa already dead from long ago"
Until here... please try to reconstruct and imagine, all their force to destroy us, all the smell of Machiavellism, but well, I keep going and moving on, no matter what, working in the project, everyday. Soon finished the render boxes, the colors, grids, layouts, colors, schemes, roles, payment gateway using bitcoins hosting the bitcoin server directly on my Mac Mini Server, everything, precious... all going on with an automated FAX flyer campaign, to a big databse of veterinary clinics, and horse breeders. Because we had a super cool shot for reconstruct horses that where suffering from Tendonosis, and other ligaments and tissue tear, rend, claws on the muscle. So with the appropiate cellular material, and certain "magic powders" this animals heal faster, better and painless. fast. "Shiny and new"
Even in the database suddenly, auditing the same, I saw it contained an phone number that said: "STEVE PLEASED" was his name and last name. I laugh...
Even I manage the code of a plug in in FedEx, that I had to compile with a different code to make it work to rate, perfectly using a combination of measurements of several boxes, with certain amount of what they bought, a very cool IVR, with an amazing friend she sold me the voiceover, many many things, was everything like combining and making "An Awesome Test" like buying your kit for making you "A Raptor" at least.
Even we paid for Horse Communities, Dogs, People, Elder men that wants to keep the Fire burning... If you really get the Genuine cellular material, the correct dissection and mixture with the perfectly combined glands and growth factors... OMG... You will feel in resumed word, "A Superior Man, with a superior silk, touch" You don't watching me at Dojo, One of my best memories. Send people to fuck themselve 2 meters, graciously.
I got all the USA Market, ready, overseas, everything under control, The last thing that really worried me was the Sanitary Authorities, because, we was going to pay taxes, and everything was arranged. Look What we are going to do? Throw away all the stock of Mrs. Kuhnau, just because this people is insane? "The dead animals, dead they are" making prohibitions, wont allow killing or saving more, because "They are already dead..." hundreds, this man had in his house... they still over there...
I remember the Sigil of the logo Dr. Kuhnau last did... an "Amazing Logo" that said "Kuhnau Herb and Hollistic Center" But know... saddly for "Our Specie as Steve". Now this motherfuckers said "That" lived in "Mexico" and that is not true at any mean this motherfuckers nigroes like Obama keep barking my friend.... They had a well and very amazing strategy to perform all this shit... Hopefully "For Humanity" I hope not to get to this conclusions under an investigation, because "I will loose my mind... with all the murdering..." and the best is that "I will loose it.. for good"
Dr. Rosales, always was completely against, he even took the Xenotransplants book, because he told me. Look... Enrique.. I just call "Dr. huhuhuhu from NIH, in Maryland..." he was my proffesor, I was the only one that he invited me to dinner with his wife on his house... early 90s, I was a mexican papachito that dressed like Miami Vice and Drived a Mustang, early 90s.... Oooooohhhh.... and listen Enrique... with some Chick Chack Chook., that Shark blood fluids is "Savage" he said, mine is just "Genomics" You even have to go to make the ridicule to Reno, with that man... "We don't need no one" but "Mr. Money".... hehehehehe we laugh so much, drunk and ting our cups.. cheers my friend...
Never know this nigroes where going to target me that hard... and they blame Erin...
Well... at least look... The story its finished.
Then I went interviewing with a father’s of a friend of my childhood. Dr. Agustín. I went to his office. Told him and show him the platform the video. All. Told that what he thought of helping me in Mexico with trauma doctors, physicians, etc. Etc. I told him. “You agree and I send you here a freezer with stock and I configure the website to accept Mexican quick sales”. The guy just keep barking “how fucked was the economy with that governor”
Well I said... anyway. I moved to Mexico City to show a guy that “supposedly was my friend” that Rosales presented me. A guy named Dr. Jesús De Haro. Nothing to do with the crazy guy years before. When the “Buckle” day. They knew man... and presented they didn’t said nothing just things like hey nice to meet you. This and that. 10 min chat.
Anyway. I offered that guy the same. Never replied.
What else can I do? I went for job fair and had none. I worked in a Japanese restaurant for 9-10 hours per day. Step up. Cooking. All day. Since you arrived you have to place the Gohan in the machine.
They paid me $35 USD per week 6 days. And I have to pay the buses to get there
Suddenly they rape us. Why? Because they want to keep blaming Eve for the actions and shit did a guy that owns a oil company who is partner of Ernesto Lara. “We everybody know”. I even have a well documented charge of those things detected. Precisely.
The best of this is hearing the voice of the other side the “Hernan” The financial. “Hernan Tirado” saying things like “it most be a wage of 18 thousand pesos”
Hahahahahahaha people from the world of reality “the little fellow husband of Erin that won the golden ticket for visiting the Chocolate factory, just heard that amount and dreams and laugh about”
“Someday I will be free and the oppressors will be prosecuted by my own. Grandpa. Don’t worry. He said to his own”
Now I believe in the science of my own personal research. I'm happy, I will have soon 3 jobs, same day. 3 of them are of my own initiative, and if things go wrong, I sell all and go to milk some cows, somewhere is a cold ambiance, chilled, cool, that you at least don't get paid "As everybody would like to" but, I will have somewhere maybe even near the wild to sleep, make my coffee in the outdoors, just "I will be very very dead by that time". No matter Dr. Samuel Hannemanian says. I can't leave, Black Coffee, and smoke... it seems like a haunted issue, Erin has to help me out... Who else man?
The idea is that this people knows.... "If you owe me something... you are going to pay me... maybe you owe me so much, that you will pay with all the members of your family, and I will make it something reliable in the future...." I don't know "When you though playing with fire was not going to burn you....." even a kid and a stupid knew that... cheers...
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RaiBlocks Integration with InvoiceNinja?

It has been incredible to see the payment solutions being put together by the community, including for WooCommerce, the world's most popular e-commerce solution. While we now have a solid solution for e-commerce stores that want to accept RaiBlocks, what about the services/consulting companies that want to email invoices and accept RaiBlocks?
It would be amazing if a developer would be interested in stepping up to the plate to code a RaiBlocks plugin for the community version of InvoiceNinja, an open-source invoicing and time-tracking plugin that already has 40+ integrations with different payment gateways. I have experience integrating InvoiceNinja with fiat gateways like PayPal and Stripe, and it looks like they also plug into CoinBase and BitPay to accept Bitcoin (not though).
I'd be willing to offer any assistance with standing up a test instance for the developer to work against, but unfortunately, I'm not personally a developer. The core is written in PHP/Laravel, and here is the developer documentation.
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[HELP] I'm having problems with my payment gateways

So I'm currently using a Bitcoin payment gateway plug in and I had it all set up and it was working smoothly. Then I found a Venmo plugin that I could use, and added it as an additional payment method. But since adding Venmo, I can't see the Bitcoin payment option on my checkout page. Just Venmo. In my WooCommerce settings tho, the Bitcoin option is marked enabled. I don't know how to fix this. I'd like to still use both methods. TIA
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SPECTROCOIN.COM Bitcoin Exchange, Wallet, Debit Card and Merchant solution is an all in one solution for Bitcoin offering Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin exchange, Bitcoin debit card and Bitcoin payment processing services. We serve clients in more than 150 countries and we aim to offer the highest speed at the lowest price.
SpectroCoin offers:
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Bitcoin payment processing enables merchants to easily accept bitcoin as a payment in their businesses.
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Bitcoin Payment Plugins – We offer Bitcoin payment gateway plugins for:
Payment Buttons – We have created payment buttons that allow you to accept donations from other people and your received bitcoins can be automatically converted to any currency you want, such as, USD, EUR, CHF, PLN and more.
Merchant libraries – We have made open source Merchant libraries for PHP and JAVA with all codes and documentations included.
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Setting Up Shop With Bitcoin: Some Thoughts

So, I've spent many many hours and many more dollars setting up a Bitcoin-only store (not public yet, I will reveal here when ready) and I thought I'd post a few comments on my labours.
  1. All eCommerce solutions offer prices to two decimal points. My first goal was to have prices in BTC on the site, not converted later. Right now I have a Bitcoin-enabled eCommerce platform that allows users to switch to a currency they know if they want to see a price they understand. So, example, I am selling an item for 0.001 BTC. This immediately gets rounded up to a big fat zero for anyone using USD/EUwhatever. Worse, I cannot price an item at 0.00n because 0.00n doesn't exist in most product managers/ecommerce applications.
  2. The plugins I spent many, many hours researching are in many cases written by people with no relation to the things they are plugging into. I came across two plugins that were intended to help me accept BTC as payment, but both included subtle code to extract tiny amounts of BTC each and every transaction. Please inspect all code you acquire before plugging it into your Web site.
  3. Merchant APIs. Complete. Lack. Of. Documentation. I looked at three merchant offers to process payment and ping my store that a payment was sent. I'm working with one now and they are being responsive, but the use-case documentation is thin on the ground, the API documentation is a little better but still needs some real world application to help enhance it. I have yet to find a decent Bitcoin merchant user group to get some feedback. Anyone know one?
  4. Pricing. I really want my prices to be in BTC, not USD, not EUR, but I am currently looking at having to review pricing a couple times a day and update all prices if the BTC/USD rate has changed significantly. Why? because even though I have no intention of pulling BTC out (I want it to get moved through the system, I will be looking for people to spend the BTC on) I still have to get people to buy a thing for a value they are willing to part with. If I price something at 1 BTC and the exchange rate varies by 50%, the "real" price is now either (a) cut rate and I'm losing money or (b) too high a price. This is going to be a real burden to manage until volatility falls off. If volatility falls off.
  5. It is ridiculously scary to see all these commercial sites going up and down or offline for good this week. The thought of getting something to work, getting some coin flowing, then having your wallet/merchant/payment processor disappear is not at all heartening. I'm having to ignore the danger signs and forge ahead regardless.
  6. For the techies: I ended up using WordPress with WooCommerce, several plugins and a BitPay gateway. Bitcoin is the only accepted payment method I plan on using. As and when I get it working I will update with implementation notes on which plugins worked for me etc.
  7. This is SO MUCH FUN. As soon as I have a payment gateway working I will need some folks to test the thing out, it will include a public marketplace, so please wish me luck and energy to carry on, I'm really looking forward to test driving this over the weekend and hopefully a few of you will help me iron out the kinks once I get it working.
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WordPress WooCommerce Bitcoin Plugin to accept cryptocurrency on your store (tutorial of work) WooCommerce WordPress Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin from SpectroCoin How to Add WooCommerce Payment Gateways to Hotel Booking ... WooCommerce Bitcoin / AltCoin Payment Gateway - FREE WordPress Plugin Custom WooCommerce Payment Gateway Integration for ...

Woo-commerce / Settings / Payments / Bitcoin Payment Gateway; Complete the fields in the plugin as required. Add the Web Hook URL to your MoneyButton app; Add Your Money Button ID or Paymail Address. You can choose to split your payments between Money Button users by clicking on ADD RECIPIENT and adding the % each user should receive. 2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress. 3. In the WooCommerce “Settings” page go to the “Payment Gateways” tab, then click “NOWPayments” 4.Check “Enable NOWPayments” and enter your NOWPayments API Key and IPN secret key. 5.Click “Save changes” and the gateway will be active. It seems there is an issue the the plugins above, so I’d recommend the Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce plugin for BitCoin payment integration with WooCommerce: 2 Comments / WooCommerce This plugin extension is a payment gateway for WooCommerce and for WC Marketplace. Once you install the Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets WordPress plugin, the users who subscribe to your site can maintain account balances in Bitcoins and various other cryptocurrencies. This payment gateway lets them spend this cryptocurrency to pay for orders from your WooCommerce e-shop. features. Works as a ... Triple A is headquartered in Singapore and in the process of becoming the first bitcoin payment gateway licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Find out more about us at Screenshots. Seamless integration with WooCommerce checkout - Bitcoin Payment Gateway by TripleA; Appeal and cater to an international audience - Bitcoin Payment Gateway by TripleA; Receive payments ...

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WordPress WooCommerce Bitcoin Plugin to accept cryptocurrency on your store (tutorial of work)

Online Cart Checkout Demo - Online Docs How to Setup WooCommerce PayMaya Payment Gateway - Watch demo ... Accept bitcoin / altcoin payment from your WooCommerce store without help of middle man! Use your own coin address to receive payment directly to that address. You can receive any amount of ... ACCEPT BITCOIN PAYMENTS IN MINUTES TheBigCoin Bitcoin plugin allows WooCommerce stores to accept Bitcoin payments in a hassle-free way by using TheBigCoin API. By using our service, all your ... Please Subscribe To This Channel - woocommerce payment gateway plugin helps to integrate payment gateways in WooCommerce Based E-commer... Now it is possible to have instant bitcoin checkout in your WooCommerce web-store. Free and simple, learn how. Instant Bitcoin...